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Shakespeare: A tradition of quality, excellence, and innovation.

For more than a century, Shakespeare has built a tradition on quality products and service, excellence in everything we do, and a drive for innovation. Our pioneering ideas have made Shakespeare the most trusted brand in the marine antenna industry. Known for superior dependability, durability, and performance, our products are the gold standard in the industry.


In 1897, William Shakespeare Jr. founded the company in Kalamazoo, MI as a fishing reel manufacturer. The company quickly expanded to manufacture fishing line, fiberglass fishing rods, and antennas, opening a factory in Columbia, SC in 1946. Today, Shakespeare is regarded as a leading global antenna brand serving both military and civilian maritime customers.


Innovation has been a driving force at Shakespeare since our humble beginnings more than 120 years ago. In the 1960s, our engineers developed low-angle radiation techniques in marine antennas, paving the way for our industry leadership position. Other milestones include the introduction of fiberglass radomes, hand-soldered connections, brass and copper elements, and metal ferrules for demanding conditions. These product innovations, along with high-quality and detailed craftsmanship, are what today’s consumers should expect from Shakespeare.

Quality Assurance

We offer our customers high-quality products backed by strenuous testing and certifications and constantly perfected through collaboration with maritime professionals and ongoing research and development efforts. We believe in unprecedented durability and quality and offer warranties up to eight years on many of our products. Our QA testing includes:

  • 700-hour UV testing
  • VSWR testing to ensure the efficiency of the antenna
  • Gain testing to measure the strength of the antenna
  • Power testing to test the extreme points of the antenna for 50 cycles
  • 40-hour shaker testing to measure durability in rough physical conditions
  • 200-hour saltwater corrosion testing

Who We Are

The Shakespeare name is synonymous with superior quality, innovation, performance, and durability. We utilize our expertise in materials science to advance the development and manufacturing of marine and military electronics products.

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