Our products are designed to make your antenna installation smooth, effective, and reliable, and we have the right accessories to match your specific installation and application requirements.


Shakespeare uses low-loss RG-8X throughout the Galaxy® antenna line.

Antenna Mounts

Choosing the right antenna mount is equally important as selecting the right antenna to ensure reliable communications and avoid damage to either the antenna or vessel.

Connectors & Adapters

Shakespeare offers an extensive line of marine-grade connectors and adapters for antenna installations.


Shakespeare® marine speakers are rated from 5W to 40W power, covering radio output and hailer/listen-back applications. All are engineered to withstand the rigors of the marine environment.

Splitters, Switches, & Testers

Our splitters and switches enable boaters to operate multiple radios simultaneously without the need for separate antennas.

Extension Masts

Extension masts can be used to increase height of an antenna and thus improve effective range or to boost placement of an antenna above on-board obstructions.