Shakespeare utilizes low loss cable for a number of extension and other antenna cable needs – from cable kits for the Phase III line of antennas, to extension cables for VHF and AM/FM, and SiriusXM antennas, as well as jumper cable for the ART-3 antenna tester and raw RG-8X cable for any coax needs.

TIP: Be sure to thoroughly review all Shakespeare® antenna instruction sheets as some supplied cables may not be cut or altered.

  • Models:
    • 4078-50
    • 4078-20-ER
    • 4079 (RG-58)
    • PIII-20-ER
    • SiriusXM® Cabling & Connectors – SRC-35, SRC-50, SRC-90
    • 4352 (RG-62)
Model No. Description Length Connection
4078-50  RG-8X Low-Loss Coax Cable. The cable that connects your antenna to your radio can make or break signal quality—literally. Impedance = 50-ohm. 50 FT. --
4078-20-ER  Easy Route Coax Cable Kit. 20’ RG-8X cable extension Cable Kit for VHF/AIS/CB Antennas 20 FT. Easy Route FME
4079  RG-58 Coaxial Cable. Great for connecting meters and switches (sold separately) like Shakespeare’s ART-3 and AS-2 3 FT. Pl-259 (VHF) factory installed
PIII-20-ER  Coaxial Cable Kit. RG-8X cable with FME mini-ends. Use with Phase III VHF/AIS antenna. 20 FT. 2 Screw-on PL-259s
SRC-35  SiriusXM® replacement cable for use with SRA-50 antennas. 35 FT. SMB & TNC connectors installed.
SRC-50  SiriusXM® Cabling & Connectors 50 FT. SMB & TNC connectors installed.
SRC-90  SiriusXM® Cabling & Connectors 90 FT. SMB & TNC connectors installed.
4352  AM/FM extension cable. 93-ohm RG-62 cable with male and female Motorola connectors. 10 FT. Motorola (AM/FM)

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