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Antennas and accessories you can count on when out in the open waters. Shakespeare® marine antennas are the only choice when dependable communication and connectivity matter.

Entertainment & Connectivity

Keep the fun streaming with our antennas and boosters designed for entertainment and connectivity.

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VHF Antennas

Be prepared and connected with our very high frequency (VHF) antennas designed to provide critical communication for boats of all sizes.

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AIS Antennas

Cruise with confidence using our automatic identification systems (AIS) antennas engineered and tuned to work with all AIS transceivers.

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Broadband Antennas

Our high-performance broadband antennas are designed to handle continuous duty at maximum input power while standing strong against the rigors of the open sea.

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AM/FM Antennas

Dial in your music, news, weather, and sports with our purposefully-designed AM/FM antennas to keep you connected for nonstop entertainment.

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SSB Antennas

Stay connected from hundreds of miles using our high-powered, high-frequency single sideband (SSB) antennas.

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CB Antennas

Choose a reliable Shakespeare citizen band (CB) antenna for proven performance and time-tested technical compliance with virtually all equipment manufacturers.

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Complete your installation with the right mount and hardware. Choose from a variety of styles and designs to fit your specific application.

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Finding the right antenna

Let us help. Choosing the right antenna and accessories to keep you connected while offshore doesn't have to be complicated.

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Want an at-a-glance look at all of our marine products and accessories? View our latest product catalog.

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Who We Are

The Shakespeare name is synonymous with superior quality, innovation, performance, and durability. We utilize our expertise in materials science to advance the development and manufacturing of marine electronic products and accessories.

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We're here to help you choose and use the right product for your marine communication needs.

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