Connectors & Adapters

Shakespeare offers an extensive line of marine-grade connectors and adapters for antenna installations. NOTE: Gold-plated brass minimizes connector-borne signal loss.

  • Models:
    • 4184
    • PL-258-G
    • PL-258-CP-G
    • PL-259-CP-G
    • PL-259-G
    • PL-259-58-G
    • PL-259-8X-G
    • RA-259-239-G
    • PL-259-ER
Model No. Description Use With
4184  Chromed brass, cable outlet to neatly pass cables through bulkheads or hardtops. Rubber internal grommet grips the cable and provides a neat, water-resistant installation. RG-8/AU, 8X, 58, 59, 213 coax cable
PL-258-G  Barrel connector for PL-259 ended cables --
PL-258-CP-G  -- RG-8X or RG-58/AU coax cable
PL-259-CP-G  -- RG-8X or RG-58/AU coax cable
PL-259-G  For RG8/AW & RG-213 Coax --
PL-259-58-G For RG-58 Cable. Plus UG175 adapter & DooDad® --
PL-259-8X-G For RG-8X Cable. Plus UG175 adapter & DooDad® --
RA-259-239-G  Right-angle Adapter. For PL-259 to SO-239 --
PL-259-ER  Screw on PL-259 Connector Easy Route cables with FME Mini ends

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