Galaxy® AM/FM Antennas

Bring in those stations! These Galaxy® AM/FM antennas are perfect for entertainment. Their sturdy construction and outstanding performance make them an excellent choice for T-tops, hard-tops, and other elevated mounting positions. Extra rigid, extra tough.

  • Thick brass and copper elements provide greater range, clarity, and efficiency
  • Stainless steel ferrule prevents rust
  • High-gloss polyurethane finish prevents yellowing
  • Each antenna is one section requiring no assembly
  • 20’ RG-62 cable, Motorola plug installed
  • 5-year warranty
  • Models:
    • 5235-XT
    • 5420-XT
    • 5421-XT
Model No. Height Suggested Mount Color/Finish Matching Antenna
5235-XT  8' 4187-HD or 5187 White/Fiberglass 5225-XT
5420-XT  4' 4187 or 5187 White/Fiberglass 5400-XT
5421-XT  4' 4187 or 5187 Black/Fiberglass 5401-XT

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