Phase III™ AM/FM Antennas

Our master craftsmen take AM/FM reception to new heights with these hand-soldered, hand-assembled, and hand-finished AM/FM antennas. The quality build of this single section 8’ antenna ensure high performance and durability. The high-gloss white polyurethane finish protects the fiberglass from yellowing under UV rays, providing a lasting look of beauty for years to come.

  • Silver-plated elements provide maximum range, clarity, and efficiency
  • Stainless steel mounting sleeve provides greater durability and rust prevention
  • SO-239 quick connect allows for removal or installation of the antenna without twisting or reinstalling the coax
  • 12-sided facet indexes and prevents the antenna from rotating during installation
  • Ethafoam spacer system isolates the radiators from vibration for long, dependable service
  • Thick fiberglass radome finish is a durable high-gloss, white polyurethane finish to prevent yellowing
  • 8-year warranty
  • Models:
    • 6235-R
Model No. Height Matching Antenna
6235-R  8' 6225-R

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